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Summary of Greer Garson's Movies
Movie Year On
Rating Oscars? Summary Greer Mood
Goodbye, Mr. Chips1939YesFABGreer-Nom
Very romantic courtship.Sweet and spunky
Remember?1939goodFirst half is very funnySweet and spoiled
Pride and Prejudice1940YesFABA total delight.Smart and spunky
Blossoms in the Dust1941FABGreer-Nom
In colour! Very moving.Ditzy then determined
When Ladies Meet1941goodGreer outshines Joan Crawford!Cool and cultivated
Mrs. Miniver1942YesFABGREER-WIN
Greer-fests don't get any better than this.Strong and stalwart
Random Harvest1942YesFABGreer-Shoulda
Yes they do. What an experience!Rambunctious then anxious
Madame Curie1943YesFABGreer-Nom
Charming and sweet.Quiet and restrained
Mrs. Parkington1944goodGreer-NomGreer is still under 40.Naive then worldly
The Valley of Decision1945FABGreer-NomPowerful story, great actors.Steady and solid
Adventure1945FABShe's great with Gable.Prim then infatuated
Desire Me1947okMelodramatic but interesting.Stalwart and stoic
Julia Misbehaves1948FABFabulous fun.Wild and wacky
That Forsyte Woman1949goodMelodramatic fluff, but in colour!Troubled and torn
The Miniver Story1950okA downer, but some good scenes.Tortured and terminal
The Law and the Lady1951goodLight-hearted funLovely and larcenous
Scandal at Scourie1953goodCharming, and in colourMature and motherly
Julius Caesar1953goodBestPic-NomOnly one scene with GreerMajestic and magnificent
Her Twelve Men1954?...
Strange Lady in Town1955?...
Sunrise at Campobello1960?Greer-Nom...