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Greer Garson: Stardom
Goodbye, Mr. Chips    (1939, with Robert Donat, Oscar® nom #1)
Greer charms both Chipping and the movie-going public as a 34-year-old ingenue.
Remember?    (1939, with Robert Taylor)
MGM uses this movie to keep Greer busy while they try to find her the right vehicle.
Pride and Prejudice    (1940, with Laurence Olivier)
Here is the right vehicle. This movie makes Greer a bona fide star.
Blossoms in the Dust    (1941, with Walter Pidgeon, Oscar® nom #2)
A rare Technicolor film from the 1940s. Greer is paired with Walter Pidgeon and a great screen duo is born.
When Ladies Meet    (1941, with Robert Taylor)
Greer eats Joan Crawford alive, but unfortunately she ends up with Herbert Marshall instead of Robert Taylor.