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Colourized still pictures from "Pride and Prejudice"

"I shall look very worldly."

"No one can tell that we haven't any partners here."

"Ugh! A provincial young lady with a lively wit."

"There are others in the library
if you care for none of these."

"I'll play with you, Mr. Bingley."

"How long do we have to wait for this Collins person?"

"I'm quite overpowered."

" esteemed patroness, Lady Catherine de Bourgh."

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Collins,
but Jane is practically engaged."

"The difficulty now is one of choice."

"Well, then, ah, Miss Elizabeth."

"You saved me from one of the most dangerous
bores in the country."

"Now these three fingers -- one, two, three..."

"...turn sideways towards the target..."

"...aim for the bull's-eye..."

"May I warn you as a friend?"

"While I'm ignorant of the particulars..."

"Papa, you must make Mary stop."

"Such an interesting, accomplished family."

"Shall we not call it quits and start again?"

"Why, you are too hasty, sir.
You forget that I have made no answer."

"I am not one of those elegant females
who takes pleasure in tormenting a respectable man."

"You throw away Mr. Collins and now
here's Jane losing Mr. Bingley."

"Really! You seem so well-fitted for the army."

"I admire your generosity, Mr. Wickham."

"Your sympathy means very much to me."

"If you let that Caroline Bingley make you cry,
I'll shake you!"

"But, Charlotte?
Charlotte is going to marry Mr. Collins?"

"I tremble and obey."

"I'll remove the dust and change my dress."

"Why, Lizzy! This is daring!"

"It is, isn't it? I haven't dared showed it to Mama."

"A happy meeting, Miss Elizabeth."

"I thought you were in London, Mr. Darcy."

"All of your departures seem to be unexpected, Mr. Darcy."

"Miss Bennet wouldn't play at all badly
if she practised more."

"But I shouldn't care to disturb the housekeeper."

"Isn't that the right time to stop, when people
still think you're charming?"

"Having already met you, I was happily prepared
for your aunt's manner."

"Let him wait! I never want to see him again."

"You can tell your Mr. Darcy that I'm not at home."

"Do you know what you're saying?"

"Your character was clearly revealed
in your treatment of Mr. Wickham."

"I decided you were the last man I could ever be
prevailed upon to marry!"

"Distressing her? I'm bringing her consolation."

"I've no intention of reopening a painful subject."

"That chapter is definitely closed."

"You came to triumph over us, I suppose."

"One of my, um, uncles died a few weeks ago,
in, um, Jamaica."

"Imagine it! My nephew, Darcy, scouring the courts
and alleys of London..."

"Thank you for telling me, Lady Catherine."

"The butler will show you to your bedroom."

"Why, um, er, yes, let's do that."

"But I never gave her leave to tell you that!"

"I never imagined that that was the language of diplomacy!"

"Elizabeth! Dear, beautiful Lizzy!"