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Richard Ney
Richard Ney fascinates me
Here is a man who was married to Greer in the prime of her career and youth and who knew her at a personal level more than anyone else, except perhaps her third husband Buddy Fogelson. I would think that because of the age difference, and because of Greer's strong personality, Ney would have been at a distinct disadvantage in their marriage.
The Outer Limits
This show frightened the bejeezus out of me when I was ten years old. Every single ABC promo in those days (1963-64) would be for the next episode of "The Outer Limits," and my blood would freeze as soon as the promo-music started.
Richard Ney appeared in one episode, and soon after this he became an investment analyst and a successful stock market prognosticator and author.
In "The Outer Limits" he played the evil alien Mr. Zeno. He looks rather menacing until he opens his mouth and sounds just like Vin Miniver fresh from college.
"Eighty-five per cent on the test, you know."
The August 19, 1944 letter from Richard Ney
Here is a personal letter from Richard Ney to his naval superior "Sea Pop", written in mid-1944. It was displayed in full view on eBay, so I presume that it's now in the public domain.
Many thanks to "Rusty" for filling in a few gaps.
August 19, 1944 I've searched about this town for what I considered to be an appropriate shade of moustache wax, but alas there is none to be found!!! Yes, your secret is out, and never let me hear you plague me again. I should have liked being about when your moustache was in fullest flower.. perhaps I could have allayed your husbandly terrors. Ensign Miller was in town. I ran into him the other night and confirmed my impressions. When I receive surface trans- portation from this place I hope to meet up with you. Met a really terrific angel the other day. Had her to lunch along with my wife and her mother. She looked as much like a fashionable actress as my own in her beautiful furs and woolens. After lunch we went, at her happy inspiration, for a lovely drive through Golden Gate Park, around past the cliff house and to her flat. When your name was mentioned she went into ecstasies of superlatives and the conversation was unfortunately centered on yourself for the rest of the day. The woman dotes. Why I can not imagine. She is lovely. She is charming. She is the sine qua non of fashion.. all these things and more, but alas, and is also your wife and about this fact do her thoughts happily peregrinate. I would only that my redhead thought me so gallant, so chivalrous and wondrous a yeoman as does your single (almost I'd say narrow) minded wife. Would that my own would as publicly announce her devotion. Later in the day we took more pictures, still and otherwise, over my wife's protests that she was without any makeup what- soever and that it wasn't in line with the studio dictum that no such representations ever be made. I assured her they were only for Mr. and Mrs. Sea Pop's eyes and so a merry time was had by all. This lovely note (enclosed) was waiting for me last night. I thought certain portions would serve to underline what I've said above. Write me you dog. Richard Ney
Was Greer really so reticent with her affection for Mr. Ney? Did it really bother him that much or was he simply being generous in his praise for his friend's wife?
And did she really have no makeup on that day? She was out eating lunch in public, so she must've had something on. MGM presumably let her make herself up when she went out, for example, to the Oscar® ceremony in March 1943 when photos may very well have been taken of her (and they were) if she were to win the Oscar® (and she did).
(How bad could Greer possibly look without makeup?)
But then it was late in the day on August 19 and perhaps she was starting to look a bit worn out.