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Who was the luckiest man who ever lived?
I often find myself wondering what Greer was really like in person. What was it like to be at a party with her, to work on a movie set beside her, to talk to her about something very personal, to talk to her in bed, to wake up with her, to spend a day alone with her.
And I find myself envying each of the men who were famously associated with her. But which of those men would I like to have been?
Walter Pidgeon
Walter worked with her closely for years, befriending her, kissing her, talking to her, and having fun with her.
Perhaps this makes him the luckiest, for he had an ideal relationship with Greer. He was a very close friend, he spent a lot of time with her, but he didn't have to endure the rigours of marriage.
Richard Ney
My guess is that Greer was too much for a younger man like Ney to handle. Their difference in background and maturity probably made their marriage unsustainable.
But perhaps he was the luckiest because he was married to her while she was still in her prime and at the height of her beauty and popularity.
Buddy Fogelson
Buddy spent more time with her than either of the other two, which might make him automatically the luckiest.