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Greer Garson: Struggling
Adventure    (1945/6, with Clark Gable)
Loads of fun with Greer and Gable, but a detriment to Greer's career.
Desire Me    (1947, with Robert Mitchum and Richard Hart)
This pot was stirred by four cooks, but none of them were able to brew a good movie. Greer survives an actual near-death experience but remains as captivating as ever.
Julia Misbehaves    (1948, with Walter Pidgeon)
A fun-filled romp with Walter and Cesar Romero and Elizabeth Taylor. And Greer impersonates a sea lion.
That Forsyte Woman    (1949, with Errol Flynn and Walter Pidgeon)
Greer ends up with Walter again in this Victorian soap opera with Errol Flynn, Robert Young, and Janet Leigh.
The Miniver Story    (1950, with Walter Pidgeon)
A sweet but unsuccessful attempt to recapture the Miniver magic.