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Ed's GREER-A-GANZA Theme Park
As soon as Ed has won a couple of lotteries, he's going to open a theme park called "GREER-A-GANZA".
Here are some of the attractions:
"On the set with Greer"
Be Greer's co-star in her new movie, "Mrs. Clinton".
"Target: Miss Bingley"
That bow and arrow is too big for a dainty young lady to handle, so you'll have to help Greer out by enclosing her tightly in your arms as you demonstrate how to hit the bulls-eye.
"Greer's make-up artist takes a holiday"
Greer's face is now your responsibility, so make sure she looks her best for cameraman Joseph Ruttenberg.
"Hide and Seek"
Greer is up on a mountain somewhere, sitting on a ledge and eating her ham sandwich. Hurry up and rescue her!
"Measuring tape"
Make sure that Greer's mini-kilt fits her just right.
"Dancing Greer"
Chase Greer around the stage with a trombone.
"The Flying Garson"
Try to catch Greer when Cesar Romero drops her from a great height.